Events / Projects

The A+ team sponsors events to engage members in the fun of lending, to promote community, and to maximize our team impact.


LoanA+Thons – January 1st-2nd and July 1st-2nd

Twice each year we have 48-hour LoanA+Thons. The purpose of the LoanA+Thon is to join the team together and lend as much money as we can in 48 hours. Members are encouraged to add new money, but re-lending counts, too. A goal is usually set; we watch our progress and encourage each other. It is fun to witness how much good Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious can do for the world’s poor in a short concentrated period of time. Our record so far is $95,475 during the LoanA+Thon of July 2017. See how much we’ve loaned in past LoanA+Thons!

Membership Month (April)

During April we focus on membership. Team outreach and events are planned to attract new members from the AASFSHNR community outside of Kiva, to find new members from within the existing Kiva membership and to retain and recognize existing members.

OneLoanA+Month Challenge (October)

The purpose of the OneLoanA+Month Challenge is to increase the Kiva engagement of A+ Team members by encouraging them to make at least one loan per month attributed to the A+ Team. A total of $150 to $250, indefinitely committed to lending via a Kiva account, will not only reduce poverty in the developing world, but also help the A+ Team to retain its lending team status.

Hearts and Minds Task Force (Ongoing)

The mission of the Hearts and Minds Task force is to cause the A+ Team logo to appear in the Top 5 Lending Teams for loans in which it would not otherwise have appeared, because doing so will help to make the point that non-theistic people do good in the world. The idea is to raise the visibility of the A+ Team, in the course of our regular lending.

It is easy to join in the efforts of the Hearts and Minds Task Force. Use whatever loan screening criteria that you would normally use to identify loans that you would be okay with supporting. There will probably be more loans than you have the resources to support. Sort the loans by Amount Left, and starting at the top of the list, support the loans(s) for which doing so will cause the A+ logo to appear in the Top 5 lending teams. This situation most often manifests itself in a multiple-way tie for one of the Top 5 lending team positions, with the A+ Team in the tie. One additional A+ Team member supporting the loan puts the A+ Team into the Top 5 lending teams for that loan. Sometimes, there are not even five lending teams listed, and a loan for the A+ Team automatically puts the A+ Team in the Top 5 lending teams for that loan.

A+ Monday Mob Loans

Lender/Member Craig started this event and it has been a huge success! Craig chooses and posts a great loan every Monday for a borrower who is (for whatever reason) not getting enough attention. At 2pm Kiva (Pacific) time, members coordinate lending to boost the loan to the top of the Popularity Sort. Once it gets there, other people hopefully notice it and the funding continues until it is fully funded. Lending to the Mob Loan at a different time, if the designated boost time doesn’t work, is fine.