Find Loans / Credit The Team

Our team is united by the belief that microfinance is a powerful way to help alleviate world poverty. As a result of the generosity and dedication of our members since 2008, we are the #2 all time lending team on Kiva. We will maintain or improve that position by crediting our loans to the A+ team

How do I find loans?

Some of our members prefer to lend through secular field partners.   To assist you in finding secular loans, we have developed the following tools.  These tools are maintained by A+ team members and are independent of Kiva.

Field Partner Rating Spreadsheet

We maintain a comprehensive list of Field Partners (FPs) with Secular, Social, and Risk Ratings, which includes analysis of each partner’s programs and mission, and shortcuts for easy sorting.

A+ Convenience Store

A+ Convenience Store  These hand-picked loans have been chosen for the convenience of team members who want to save time and know that they are not making an obvious mistake. All are safe compared to other loans because they are limited to lower-risk field partners. All are secular or mostly secular. And most are short-term.

More resources

Starfish List: watch list for loans suggested by members of the Kiva Late Loaning Lenders Team.

KivaLens: powerful loan-finding tool with live filtering, auto-translation, and more.

KivaTools: in-depth information about loan expirations by day, field partner funding, and more.

Kiva API: Kiva-provided toolkit for analyzing loan data

Default rates by Field Partner for 2012 to 2014 loans

The Challenges of Global Poverty: a free MIT edX online course about the finances and decision making of the world’s poor.

The Way to Help the Poor: an article on the Scientific American on microlending.

How do I attribute loans to the A+ team?

If the A+ team is the only team you belong to, your loans will automatically be credited here.

If you are a member of more than one lending team, you will want to set the A+ team as your preferred lending team. Your preferred team will be the default team listed in your basket, making it easy to quickly count your loans toward your preferred team’s impact. You can set your preferred team by signing into your Kiva account and going to the My Teams page.

On this page you’ll see a listing of all the lending teams that you are a member of. Under the headline “Lending Teams I Belong To” you’ll see a pulldown box where you can set your preferred team.

If you belong to more than one team and the A+ team is not your preferred team, you still have the opportunity to attribute a loan here whenever you lend. You can do this on the “My Basket” page of the checkout process. When you’re in your basket, use the pulldown box under the title “Apply To Lending Team” to select the team you want to attribute your loan to. It will default to your preferred team, but you can always change it from this page.

Please note, you won’t have the ability to count your loans toward a lending team unless you sign into your Kiva account before going through the checkout process. Also, if you forget to count a loan toward a lending team during the checkout process, you have 14 days after the loan has been made to count it toward a team. To do so, go to your portfolio Loans page and use the pulldown box to select the correct team. After 14 days there is no way to count a loan toward the impact of a lending team.