A+ Team Impact Fund at Foundation Beyond Belief

Secular, Safe, and Short-Term… for the Long Term.

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The Impact Fund is sponsored by Foundation Beyond Belief, a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations to the Impact Fund may be tax-deductible.


Click the button to visit the Impact Fund donation portal at Foundation Beyond Belief’s website.

The Impact Fund’s Mission, Purpose, and Vision

Mission: Support and empower people around the world, by helping them attain the financial capital and tools they need to succeed.

Purpose: To motivate concerned citizens of the world to support the fund, to distribute and accumulate funds to make loans to the working poor on an expedited basis while empowering lenders to give, care and share.

Vision: Advance entrepreneurship, to alleviate global poverty and suffering.


General Lending Guidelines


  • Loans will be made to Kiva Field Partners with a 3 or 4 Secular rating in the A+ Team’s Field Partner List.
  • The Fund will avoid loans that support faith-based purposes.


  • Aim to make loans to Kiva Field Partners with less than 2% portfolio default rate.
  • Preferred Field Partners will have been active on Kiva for at least one year, and have posted at least 1000 loans.
  • Goals are to make loans of $25 for each borrower and attempt to ensure that no loan to one borrower will exceed $100.
  • Attempt to avoid making loans to individuals who are fronting for the actual entrepreneur.
  • Aim to diversify the portfolio regarding country of origin and field partner.


  • Focus on loans with repayment terms of 14 months or less.
  • Avoid loans to entrepreneurs that plan to repay more than 50% of their loans in the final repayment month.


…For the Long Term

  • The Impact Fund’s “Secular, Safe, Short-Term” guidelines support its goal of making the most of the funds donated:
    • Secular” guidelines ensure the loans funded are in keeping with A+ Team principles.
    • Safe” guidelines help protect funds from loss (through delinquencies and defaulted loans).
    • Short-Term” guidelines return money to the Fund faster, so more new loans can be made sooner.
  • Your permanent donation to the Impact Fund will be used to make View the Impact Fund’s lender page on Kiva on Kiva for the life of the Impact Fund.


Donate a Kiva Card

If no receipt for a tax deduction is needed, a Kiva Card can be given to the Impact Fund. Simply click on the “Send a Kiva Card” link on the Impact Fund’s Lender Page. Then send a Private Message to Captain Craig of the A+ Team with the Kiva Card code and amount.  These funds will immediately be put to use for the benefit of borrowers and credited to the A+ Team.


The Fine Print

There may be times that the loans that are made do not fit all of the criteria we hope to achieve, either by sheer mistake or to forward an additional goal at the discretion of the A+ Team Captains and volunteers as well as Foundation Beyond Belief staff.

At no point shall the purpose of collecting funds for the Impact Fund declare be to beat or to disparage specific teams. The A+ Team Impact Fund of Foundation Beyond Belief does not discriminate against ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.

Funds raised through the A+ Team Impact Fund of Foundation Beyond Belief will be distributed quarterly to the Impact Fund’s Kiva account.